“10% For Removal” Proceeds and Where They’re Going 

After closing out our first year of sales we’re excited to announce the details of where our efforts are going. As many of our amazing customers and followers have heard us say, we give 10% of profits towards the removal of beetle-kill, dead-fall and mitigation. We took it a step further to celebrate our first year of sales operations and we are donating 10% of total revenues, and our CO-Founders are matching this amount by 100%. 

Our year-end funds are going to the Grand County Wildfire Council. Specifically, we will be supporting and sponsoring their “Community Chipping Days” initiatives coming up this spring and summer of 2022. While the dates are still being finalized, we are hoping to create some excitement and awareness around this event and to also provide volunteer information for those interested. 

The Grand County Wildfire Council mission is: “Through collaboration, education and action, engage in wildfire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and survival.”

How Chipping Efforts Directly Effect Mitigation:

It incentivizes high-risk communities to create a defensible space for no charge and allows additional clean up services for dead-fall on public and private land. 

This first donation is special to our hearts as all our photos and videos have been taken in Grand County, Colorado. Grand County is one of the most affected areas for beetle-kill in Colorado. They have also recently survived the East Troublesome Fire, one of the largest wildfires in Colorado history. 

We are incredibly excited to also announce our partnership with the council to support ongoing conservation and mitigation efforts. 

You can learn more about their programs here, Fuels Reduction Cost-Share Programs – Grand County Wildfire Council (bewildfireready.org)

Our Future Goal for Funds

We’re small but mighty, and our funds for the first few years will continue to go to well-established removal agencies. This will help us accomplish our goals efficiently while making the impact intended. At the beginning of each new year we will total our profits and work with these conservationists to ensure the funds go to the projects that matter most to our community. We, of course, will share this information and hope you do too. We will also ensure we are sharing every volunteer opportunity that comes our way. 

Goals are important. As we look toward the future, we hope to be able to specifically remove and spearhead mitigation projects ourselves while strengthening our partnerships.

Education of mitigation and what makes a healthy forest will continue to be a main priority through our future years.

We’re thankful for all the support and for everyone who helped make this possible.

Cheers to many more years! 

Team ISO

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