Video – “Oshkigin – Spirit of Fire”

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We’re excited to share “Oshkigin – Spirit of Fire,” the amazing documentary film work by Old Saw Media and our creative friend and Co-Producer Andrew Bydlon. This film dives into the Native American traditions of using fire as a management tool to keep our forests healthy and prevent large-scale wildfires. It perfectly aligns with the educational mission of Isoterics Apparel, “Crafting Healthy Forests.”



Increased droughts and longer fire seasons in recent decades have caused more frequent, dangerous, and intense fires across the country. This hits home for many of us living in Colorado with the fires here in Boulder County.

But for thousands of years, Native people used fire to prevent these intense fires, while also using it to cultivate the land, build communities, and preserve natural forests.

Oshkigin – Spirit of Fire shows the ways that traditional fire uses can reconnect us with the land and preserve the natural world.


Enjoy this piece, and please share this message and help shift the conversation around using fire as a positive forest management tool. 



Production Company: Old Saw Media

Co-Director/ DP > Thomas Deschenes

Co-Director/ DP > Andrew Bydlon

Production Assistant > Casey Pflipsen

Edit > Matt Coddaire

Mix and Sound Design > Jason McDaniel

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