Shoutout Colorado Features Isoterics

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Excitement is a constant over here at Isoterics, but we we’re especially thrilled to be featured in Shoutout Colorado’s most recent publication. To be recognized as an eco-centric, Colorado-based, mission driven company is an honor and we’re sharing the hype here as well.

A Little More About Shoutout Colorado

Shoutout Colorado is dedicated to highlighting local, small businesses, artists and creatives within the Colorado community.

Their Mission

“We think meaningful conversations are at the heart of community building.  We also think every voice matters and that these conversations shouldn’t be led by billionaires, media elites, or celebrities.  We feel it’s far more relevant to hear from the folks who make up the fabric of our communities – small business owners, mom-and-pops, and independent artists and creatives. ”

Our Feature

Our recent interview with Shoutout Colorado features our CO-Founders Michaela Molvie and Meaka Ravithis. They give a high-level overview on starting our company and advice to entrepreneurs alike. They also give credit to the amazing creatives who’ve contributed to our brand.

You can check out our article here –


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