Planning for Summer Backpacking

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Hiking in Trees

While it’s mid-winter here in Colorado and I am loving the snow and slopes, I still can’t help dreaming and planning for next summer’s adventures. A multi-day backpacking adventure through the public lands of our Rocky Mountain states is a great way to socially distance and disconnect from life’s hustle and bustle. 

Here are a few helpful tips and insights to keep in mind if you find yourself caught in a day dream and planning for your summer backpacking adventure.

Plan For A Good Time 

Setting foot along a path of unforgiving terrain and endless skies is an experience unlike any other. Backpacking gives us the ability to encounter wilderness on foot, with all the necessities of survival tucked away in your pack. As if wandering through a painting, the sights will inspire you and Mother Nature will test you, showing you exactly what you’re made of. Through this experience, it’s important to respect both nature and one’s self. Being prepared and knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into is key to an enjoyable experience! 

Before heading out, make sure you’ve studied the trails and areas you will be hiking. Helpful information is just a click away! Maps and hiking blogs are a great place to start your research, and many adventurers upload their personal experiences to YouTube, allowing you to see a first-hand account of what’s to come. Plan your trip accordingly, taking into account elevation change, daily mileage goals and seasonal weather. 

Backpacking through Yellowstone in the summer of 2018, we encountered an overwhelming abundance of bugs that were brought on by the recent wet weather and humidity. The Mosquitoes and Horseflies were relentless and seemed to be on a mission to drive us off a cliff! Fortunately, we had come prepared with bug spray and technical clothing that repelled biting insects and while protecting against harmful UV rays. It was easy to forget our pesky assailants as the majestic Union Falls came into view, the second tallest waterfall in Yellowstone. The humbling and magical experience that was worth every mile. 

Pack The Essentials 

When backpacking for multiple days at a time, having a good supply of clean water to stay hydrated is of the up-most importance. It’s essential to bring along a source of water filtration and to make extra time for water stops. From hand pumps to filter water bottles to purification tablets, there are plenty of options to make the water you encounter on the trail safe for consumption. We like to use a Gravity Bag Water Filter with a LifeStraw attachment, when hiking in larger groups. 

Heard the term, “Go light, go fast?” Well I have certainly found that when packing gear for a backpacking trip, over-doing it is unnecessary. I promise, you won’t end up using half of those trendy trinkets anyway. Bringing along the essentials like quality hiking shoes, shelter, protection, first-aid, clothing, food and water is seriously all you’ll need. Limit your clothing to layers and prepare for temperatures to significantly drop at night. We hike with some folks who pack tents, but we personally like to use our tent-hammocks whenever our trail will be taking us through forests or wooded areas. Aside from feeling like a dangling bear burrito at times… they’re lightweight and comfortable! 

Obviously don’t forget to bring protection like Bear Spray, whistles or even a gun if you are experienced and comfortable enough to handle one. When in bear country, just remember that you will be hiking and temporarily living in their territory, so be prepared for the unexpected! “Hey Bear!” is a nice way to let them know you’re around. 

Leave No Trace 

If you’re going to be spending time in nature, it’s important to remember that a little bit of respect goes a long way. Make sure to carefully pack out everything you packed in and leave no trace. I found that choosing food that comes in easily compatible pouches work great as well as portable stoves and utensils that are built for trips such as these.

The beauty of modern day backpacking is that there’s a convenient gear solution to everything you will need when visiting The Great Outdoors! 

Now, get out there and have a hell of a time! 

By: Meaka Ravithis, CO Founder 


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