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Annnd We Are Live!

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After months of planning and hard work, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Isoterics Apparel website and our first product line!

What A Ride It’s Been

Looking back on our journey, it seems crazy to say this all started on a back porch in Winter Park over a beer. But sometimes great ideas just need a little fresh air and hoppy suds to come to life. In 2017, Michaela Merril and Meaka Ravithis founded Isoterics Apparel to raise awareness around the prevalent issues of beetle kill in forests across the Rocky Mountain West. The team soon grew to include friends and creative colleagues, all sharing a passion in the outdoors and a love for quality clothing. After establishing a foundation for the brand and an outline for our first product line, we dove in head first to creating a clean, user-friendly website that could serve as the platform for our company and a soapbox for our cause. 

It would be hard to put a finger on our favorite part of launching Isoterics Apparel, and safe to say the best is yet to come. But we will always look back with serious nostalgia on the late night creative brainstorms, the joy of watching our logo come to life through iteration after iteration, and the awkward feeling of not knowing what to do with our hands in the first photo shoot. 

(Wipes a tear from corner of eye)

Eco-Friendly Clothing, On A Mission

Nostalgia aside, at the heart of these efforts and at the center of the Isoteric Apparel brand is our mission. We pledge 10% of profits to the removal of beetle kill and deadfall. We certainly have turned some heads with this and hope to continue to deliver those “Ah-Hah” moments to our audience as we gain momentum. Yes, planting trees is well and good…but so is clearing out the standing and fallen dead trees that put our land at increased risk of forest fires. It won’t be easy work, but our team is ready to embrace the challenges as they come and fully dedicate our efforts to the cause of improving the health of our forests. 

Thankful Now, More Than Ever

Today as we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, we are immensely thankful for all of the wonderful hard work and support that has brought us to this launch. We can’t wait to share our products with the world, and shift the conversation around the health of our forests.

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Cheers from everyone at Isoterics Apparel!

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